17 Apr

      The sin nature always plays a major role in any type of thinking or behavioral difficulty we encounter. The tendency to take credit for things that God has done is one end of the spectrum and thinking so little of what God has made in you is on the opposite side. Each end of the spectrum involves pride because they both underestimate the judgment and sovereignty of the Lord. 

     The story of Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel is an excellent example of taking credit for things that God has done. He bragged of all that he had built in what he perceived as his kingdom. The ultimate result  of his out of control pride was that God took it all away and caused him to eat grass with the oxen. After a season of humiliation Nebuchadnezzar was eventually restored by God. His perspective was completely changed through the realization that God’s dominion reigns forever.            

     So the question is: will we find humility through right relationship in Christ Jesus with or without trials? Unfortunately our sin nature often prevails and many of us need trials for an appreciable change from pride to humility, but there is a solution to this problem. As we have all come to know, our thinking influences our choices. Conversely, contrary action is the antidote for flawed thinking patterns. 

     Choosing to be obedient to Gods will for our lives regardless of what we think or feel is the arch way to freedom from the bondage of self. As Christians, this act of contrary action requires spiritual discipline and delay of gratification. Too often we focus on  the short run over the long haul. If we can simply delay our gratification, it will bring about joy and victory over these stubborn areas of sin in our lives.

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