17 Apr

     New Christians may naturally start off their walk as tolerant and forgiving of others. As time passes, the pain and difficulties of our sinful past will begin to slip away. This is when the Christian is vulnerable to the development of spiritual pride. As we grow in Christ we need to remember how difficult it was to let go and let God or we are certain to fall prey to cynicism. Believers have a daily reprieve from sins contingent upon our relationship with Christ.        

     Since we are all predisposed to the sin of pride, irrespective of our spiritual maturity level, the practice of continually introspecting is vital to walking in God’s grace and mercy. The simple truth is that Christians who have studied the Word of God develop a high degree of Biblical discernment and know more than most. This increase in knowledge and authority places them into a position of power and influence with others. Naturally, the gift of Biblical discernment places the person in high demand and typically results in being held in high esteem as well. The incessant demands of ministry and the elevated esteem of others creates a predisposition to losing the art of introspection.

     This is why the counselor needs other counselors to gently remind of their weaknesses and blind spots. Staying humble and not swelling into a prideful balloon is the objective.  Humility is vitally important to the mature Christian and it is truly the most difficult trait to foster in the discerning believer. The ability to accept criticism and not dwell upon failure are earmarks of humility and quintessential to ministry. The more gifted a person is, the more vital it is to accept constructive criticism and learn from past mistakes. Our true identity in Christ is found in complete reliance on God, it is not found in our gifts or in our ability to perform. It is our humility that allows us to stay in Christ regardless of our circumstances in any given area of ministry or life.

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