Domestic Violence

Many people who are impacted by domestic violence experience intrusive and negative thoughts. These thoughts are not grounded in truth and only serve to distort a persons sense of reality. This distortion of reality ultimately leads to destructive actions or a lack of action. A violent pattern of behavior is corrected by changing a persons beliefs about themselves, the world and their future. The process involves immersing yourself in reparative relationships and re-framing your traumatic experiences. With help, a person can break free from an abusive relationship or stop resorting to violence in relationships.

We can re-frame our experiences and views by:

  1. Describe your situation as objectively as possible including all the negatives and positives, pretend like you are an outside person describing your situation.
  2. Realistically estimate your ability to cope with the event.
  3. Develop a redemptive narrative that changes your difficulties into character building experiences.